Vision and Mission



Carve woman as dynamic, capable, knowledge, and skilful professionals who shall lead the nation to a better future.


M1: Provide quality and value-based education, and adopt outcome-based teaching-learning methodologies for women professionals.

M2: Offer state-of-the –art infrastructure and offer value-based education for enhancing the skill set for women at every stage of their education.

M3: Encourage independent thinking and guide the women to develop critical thinking abilities and to inculcate a positive attitude.

Quality Policy

Through the following efforts, Sri Vivekananda Degree College for Women is devoted to offering excellent education to students, allowing them to excel in the disciplines of science and management in order to meet the changing and challenging requirements of society and industry:

  • Contributing to student’s academic standing and core knowledge growth.

  • Maintaining state – of- the- art infrastructure and a conductive learning environment.
  • Raising faculty competency to a very high degree and requiring them to use all new and creative ways in the teaching –learning process.
  • Instilling moral and ethical ideals in students and faculty.
  • Collaborating for mutual benefit with industry, other institutions, and organizations.
  • Spreading technical knowledge throughout the region through continuing education programs.
  • Ensuring that the Quality Management System is constantly improved.