Mathematics Profile


The department of Mathematics was established in 2012. The department of Mathematics has flourished right from its inception of the college. The department of Mathematics, at present offers B.Sc. Programme with mathematics combination i.e., MPCs and MSCs. The Department has committed faculty members, specialised in different branches of the subject, ensure that the students receive the best possible instruction in the subject. This means imparting sound knowledge of mathematical concepts by using a variety of pedagogical practices such as seminars, quizzes, group discussions, etc., along with conventional classroom teaching methodology. The department exemplifies the philosophy ‘The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.’ Though the department strives to build a strong foundation of mathematical concepts in students by means of instruction, it also recognizes and encourages the importance of creative exploration and discovery by the students themselves. Hence, the Department aims to inculcate academic rigour, critical reasoning, independent thinking as well as innovative ideas for in the minds of students.


The prime objectives of the Department of Mathematics include:
• To make students derive mathematical proofs, solutions and interpretations for mathematical problems clearly, concisely, and correctly.
• To explore and research on various mathematical applications inside and outside of mathematics.
• To encourage students to participate on research projects.

Programmes of Study:

The Department of Mathematics offers the following Programmes in CBCS mode since the academic year 2015-2016.

U.G. programmes:

1. B.Sc. Mathematics-Physics-Computer Science
2. B.Sc. Mathematics-Statistics-Computer science


Seminars, group discussions, quizzes and extension work etc., are some of the important co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the department. Guest lectures, Invited lectures and Faculty development programmes are some of the important activities of the faculty for achieving quality education. The Department provides undergraduate students with a strong interdisciplinary foundation that draws on the strengths, fundamentals, theory and applications of Mathematics.


The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges and future plans of the department are:


• Availability of Doctorate faculty.
• Qualified, Experienced and Efficient Staff.
• Involvement in group discussions, seminars and quizzes at college.
• Availability of adequate infrastructure.
• Proactive and cooperative management.
• Reference Books, Text Books are available for the students and the faculty.


• Many students are from rural areas and their academic background is not up to the levels.


• More employment opportunities in private and government sector.
• Scope for higher studies in India and abroad.


• Heavy competition as more number of colleges are established in the district.
• Lack of language proficiency among the students.

Future Plans:

  • To recruit more faculty with Ph.D qualification.
  •  To undertake research projects.


The Department of Mathematics has a highly qualified, industrious, dedicated faculty.