Hindi Profile



The Department of Hindi was established in the inception year of the college i.e. in 2012. Hindi is a language of National significance. It is our National Language and it has very important, rich and glorious literature. Learning Hindi increases job opportunities in India.


• To expose the students a glimpse of vast treasure of knowledge preserved in Hindi.
• To promote the National Language Hindi on par with international language.
• To develop a sense of literary aesthetic appreciation in Hindi language.
• To build life skills through value-based education and service-oriented programs.

Programmes of Study:

The Department of Hindi offers the following programmes in CBCS mode from the academic year 2015-2016. Besides, The Department involves in teaching interdisciplinary courses i.e., non-core subjects particularly Department of Commerce, Statistics and Mathematics etc.

U.G. programmes:

B.Sc.(Computer Science).Mathematics-Statistics-Computer Science.
B.Sc. (Computer Science).Mathematics-Physics-Computer Science.
B.Com(Computer Applications).
BZC . Botany – Zoology – Chemistry
BBC. Botany – Bio-technology- Chemistry


The cardinal co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the Department conducted like Class room Seminars, group discussions, quizzes, debates, JAMs, extension work, education field trips, etc., for the benefit of both the student. Extension, guest lectures and invited lectures are some of the important activities of the faculty for achieving quality education. The Department of Telugu has its own contribution in organizing cultural activities “Maathru Bhasha Dinoschavam” (Mother Language Day), “Sankranthi Sambaralu” (Pongal Celebrations) reflecting the true spirit of Telugu people.


The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges and future plans of the department are:


• Qualified, competent and dedicated faculty.
• Involvement in cultural and extension activities.


• Some Students evince indifference and hence low basic knowledge of Hindi.
• Some students are poor in writing skills.


• Hindi being the National tongue expression of ideas and feelings will be easy to become great poets and writers.


• To improve more students to opt Hindi as a second language.
• To eliminate fear of Hindi.
• To improve academic Performance of students particularly Hindi language.

Future Plans:

• Upgrading the department by starting PG programme
• Encouraging the faculty members to get doctorate degree and to qualify NET/SET
• It is proposed to starting of post graduate courses in Telugu particularly M.A. Hindi with Journalism, Media & Communication as specialization.


The Department of Hindi has a highly qualified, industrious, dedicated faculty.