Chemistry Profile



The Department of Chemistry is associated with the teaching of chemistry subject to the students of all science streams of the college ever-since the college has started science stream in 2016. It has a well equipped laboratory with required chemicals for conducting the regular practical classes, study project reports as well as research activities like consultancy services. The lab is also equipped with instruments like Conduct meters, TDS Meters, pH meters, Molecular model kit, Digital Balances, etc. The lecturers take more care to prevent the chemical accidents in the lab. The Department has a first aid box and fire extinguishers ready for any unforeseen chemical accidents. The department has internet facility. The members of the faculty practise and use the modern tools and further techniques like LCDs, practical demonstrations with the help of models, etc.


• To encourage the understanding and appreciation of the scientific methods as a mode of inquiry which leads to the activity of research.
• To inculcate the spirit of research in the minds of the students.
• To lay the foundation in chemical concepts, laws, theories and mechanisms and reactions in chemistry.
• To provide broad based instruction in the fundamental theoretical knowledge, experimental techniques and research outlooks in Chemistry.
• To develop laboratory skills in performing experiments, recording, interpreting the results and time management.
• To make the students perceive the very importance of the interdisciplinary nature of chemistry and integrate into it the knowledge of mathematics, physics and other disciplines as a multi pronged approach towards a wide variety of chemical problems to arrive suitable solutions.

Programmes of Study:

The Department of Chemistry offers the following programmes in CBCS mode from the academic year 2016-2017.

U.G. programmes:

1. B.Sc.-Botany-Zoology-Chemistry.
2. B.Sc – Botany-Biotechnology–Chemistry


Various activities like seminars, group discussions, JAMs, quizzes and class room participation form part of co-curricular activities of the department. The Department conducts workshops, seminars, educational/industrial tours and arranges special lectures by external experts in their respective fields for the benefit of students and staff members. The teaching faculty of the Department of Chemistry has been actively accepting invited lecturers from various colleges and participating in the public life of the local area. The Department has been sharing the responsibilities such as water testing for the benefit of safety drinking water and public health. The faculty members encourage the students to involve in rendering services to the needy such as blood donation, plantation of trees, HIV/AIDS Awareness programme, Swachh Bharat programme besides helping students taking classes, etc.


The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges and future plans of the department are:


• Sufficient Infrastructure with well equipped laboratory.
• Qualified, competent and dedicated faculty.
• Guest lectures by experts, Industrial visits, seminars.


• Majority of Students with poor academic standards.
• Research activity by faculty is not adequate.


Encouraging the students to go on. • In vague of new State and establishment and improvement of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and other industries more employment opportunities to the chemical technologists.
• More opportunities for higher studies in India and abroad.
• More opportunities to become faculty from School to P.G. Level.


• Grooming students from rural areas with Telugu medium background.
• Due to more number of professional colleges becoming difficult to attract students for conventional degree courses.

Future Plans:

• To Introduce PG programmes.
• To upgrade the faculty by Ph.D/ NETs/ SLETs.
• To conduct national and international seminars and workshops for the development of both the students and the faculty.
• To pursue minor and major research projects.
• To encourage students for research oriented higher studies.


The Department of Chemistry has a highly qualified, industrious and dedicated faculty.