Bio-Technology Profile



The Department of Biotechnology was established in the year 2020. The department of Bio-Technology at present offers three years degree course B.Sc (Bio-technology – Botany – Chemistry). The department comprises of well qualified and experienced faculty. The department has a well furnished laboratory equipped with state of the art of infrastructure. The department of Bio-technology welcomes the first semester newly admitted students and provides information and orientation regarding future prospects of the subject Bio-technology. In addition to conducting laboratory and industrial tours, the department hosts seminars which are presented by students and faculty. The total UG student strength of the department is 50. The department toils not only for the academic progress of the students but also for their overall development. The pass percentage of the students has been above 90% on an average. The progression of the students has also been excellent. This is all because of the semester system and also the hard work of the teachers which enable the students to be thorough with the prescribed syllabi and prepare well for internal tests and semester-end examinations. The department also constantly monitors the progress of the students by getting feedback from them with regard to the curriculum teaching-learning-evaluation. Apart from the regular classroom teaching, use of computers and OHPs, encouraging the students to participate in group discussions, panel discussions and seminars along with teachers, are the healthy practices of the department. The students are advised to prepare charts or models. Simple science projects are assigned to students to improve their scientific temper. The faculty regularly conducts seminars, guest lectures, group discussions, quiz programmes etc. New teaching methods are an integral part of the department. Remedial classes are conducted for the slow-learners identified by the faculty. The department uses innovative methods of teaching with creativity. The department can boast of its well-equipped laboratories, good student progression and the supporting management. There are opportunities for the department to expose students to hand on experiments, guest lectures and interaction with eminent teachers from various colleges.


To develop high quality academic and research professionals in latest fields of Biotechnology for facing Global Challenges, along creating awareness and bring the benefits of modern Biotechnological innovations to the society.


The department of Bio-technology is going to focus mainly in frontier areas of Functional Genomics, Molecular Genetics and Plant Molecular biology.


1. To impart training to graduate teachers in modern techniques of Biotechnology and to conduct extension Programmes for farmers, to develop awareness on modern agriculture methods and practises.

Programmes of Study:

The department of Bio-technology is implementing choice based credit system (CBCS) in the following programme from the academic year 2020-21. Besides the department involves in teaching interdisciplinary courses i.e., non-core subjects particularly department of Botany and Chemistry

U.G. programmes:

B.SC (Bio-technology –  Botany – Chemistry)


Seminars, group discussions, quizzes, extension work, education and industrial visits, etc., are some of the cardinal co-curricular activities of the department for the benefit of both the students and the staff members as well. Extension and guest lectures are some of the important activities of the faculty for achieving quality education. As far as Consultancy Services concerned, the Department of Bio-technology contributes more in imparting Bio-technology education and spreading Bio-technology literacy among the student fraternity in the area. The department provides under-graduate students with a strong inter-disciplinary foundation that draws on the strengths, fundamentals, theory and applications of Bio-technology.


The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges and future plans of the department are:


• Well Qualified and experienced Staff.
• Well equipped laboratory.


• Many students are come from rural area, the background not up to their levels.


Encouraging the students to go on
1. Bio-technology is a job oriented programme. Students can get number of opportunities through this in different kind of private & Government sectors.
2. Students can also join P.G., Ph.D


1. To improve the academic performance those students poor in the subject.
2. To Prepare students get involved in research programmes.
3. To start certificate and diploma courses

Future Plans:

Opening of an inter-disciplinary research laboratory.


The Department of Bio-technology has a highly qualified, industrious, dedicated faculty.