Physics Profile


The Department of Physics was established in the year 2012. It offers Three year degree UG course with Physics as the combination i.e., B.Sc (MPCs). The faculty is well qualified and experienced. The department has well furnished laboratory equipped with state of the art instruments such as BJT transistor, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO), spectrometer, audio frequency generators, digital trainer, etc. Separate dark room facility is available in the laboratory.


The Department of Physics has been functioning with the objectives as:
1. To lay the foundation in concepts, laws, theories and mechanisms.
2. To provide broad based instruction in the fundamental principles, concepts, theoretical knowledge and experimental techniques.
3. To develop laboratory skills in performing experiments, recording, interpreting the results and time management.

Programmes of Study:

The Department of Physics has been offering the following programmes in CBCS mode since the academic year 2015-2016.

U.G. programme:

1. B.Sc (Mathematics-Physics-Computer Science)


Various activities like seminars, group discussions, JAMs, quizzes and class room participation form part of co-curricular activities of the department. The Department conducts workshops, seminars, educational/industrial tours and arranges special lectures by external experts in their respective fields for the benefit of students and staff members.


The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges and future plans of the department are:


• Sufficient Infrastructure with well equipped laboratory.
• Qualified, experienced and eminent staff, ICT based teaching


• Student with poor academic standards are admitted.


Encouraging the students to go on
1. Physics subject is very useful to students, who can join M.Sc., Ph.D., & B.Ed.
2. Students can join a faculty of JL & DL
3. Energy sector (NTPC, APGENCO, UCIL, BARC, etc.)
4. Oil refinery industries (ONGC, HPCL etc.)
5. Students can join in ISRO and DRDO
6. Students can join a faculty of lab & technical side


1.To improve the academic performance those students poor in the subject. 2.To prepare students get involved in research programmes.

Future Plans:

• To Introduce PG programmes.
• To upgrade the faculty by Ph.Ds / NETs/ SLETs.
• To conduct national and international seminars and workshops for the development of both the students and the faculty.
• To pursue minor and major research projects.
• To encourage students for research oriented higher studies.


The Department of Physics has highly qualified, industrious, dedicated faculty.